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Ontario is a beautiful city located in San Bernardino County, California. Originally from Canada, George Chaffey, who was an engineer, established the Ontario Model Colony development in 1882. The city was named after the province Ontario, Canada, by George, William, and Charles Chaffey. It is the 18th largest city in Southern California with a population of approximately 170,373 people.

Historically, the economy in Ontario was mostly due to its reputation as a health resort. Farmers planted lemon and orange groves, which thrived in the cities rocky soil. Vintners and olive growers also were attracted to the city. One of the cities historical landmarks is The Graber Olive House, which is still in business today. Another business that is still popular is Dairy farming.

Ontario is also home to the La/Ontario International airport, which is considered to be the 15th busiest cargo airport in the United States. The city handles the majority of mass freight traffic from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.. Ontario is the home of Ontario Mills and used to be the home of Ontario Motor Speedway until it was demolished in 1980.

Prior to the war, the General Electric plant was a major industry in the area. A huge influx of settlers, caused in part by the expansion of the Southern California defence industry, made Ontario their home during and after World War 2.

Service industries and warehousing now dominate Ontario’s economy as the manufacturing industry has diminished. The most notable manufacturing company is the Maglite co-corporation, which produces flashlights. The New Model Colony idea that the city has created plans to take southern Ontario, which is currently an area dominated by agricultural farming and dairy farms, and turn it into a variety of residential homes, town centres, and industrial and business parks.

The Famous Stars and Straps clothing company originated in Ontario, as did Shiekh Shoes.

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